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About Us

For more than one hundred years, Madison Street United Methodist Church has been woven
into the fabric of the Clarksville community. It has witnessed births, baptisms, marriages, and
funerals. It has experienced physical rebuilding following a devastating tornado in 1999 that
destroyed the original, historic church facility. It has experienced leadership changes,
membership growth, and societal shifts and still today remains faithful to its calling to make
disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Madison Street United Methodist Church is:


All persons are welcome to attend our church, receive Holy Communion, and
are eligible to be baptized and become members.

Grounded in Scripture

Our faith is guided by Scripture, tradition, reason and
experience. Of paramount importance, however, is Scripture as the witness of God’s
creating, redeeming, and sustaining relationship with God’s people.


As part of The United Methodist Church, Madison Street has a Wesleyan
heritage, and as such, places an emphasis on mind and heart and putting faith and love
into practice.

Concerned about social justice

For more than 100 years, Madison Street has been
concerned for God’s children everywhere—the poor, the orphaned, the aging, the sick,
the oppressed, and the imprisoned.


Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the
transformation of the world. In uncomplicated terms, this means we strive to nurture
followers of Christ who then reach out and teach others about the love and grace of
Jesus Christ.

Welcome to Madison Street!

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