Madison Street United Methodist Church

319 Madison Street, Clarksville, Tennessee

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It’s a new year. How’s it going so far? Are there any differences for you? Do you want anything to be different?
It’s a new year. What difference does starting a new year make for people like us? Well, for one thing a new year offers us a chance to do some things differently if we choose—or we can just “rinse and repeat” and keep doing things and living life the same old way. I guess the question is, “Are there things that need changing in our life?” Do we really want to keep growing? Do we want to live better? Do we really want to be the followers of Jesus we are called to be? Are we satisfied with who we are and where we are, or do we want to keep becoming something—a more faithful disciple, a stronger witness, a healthier you?
To help us on the way I want us to look at some important issues of faith and spiritual growth that can help us focus on being followers of Christ as we enter 2013. We began last week by looking at our baptism as a way of “Remembering Who We Are.” We’ll continue over the next several weeks in what I think will be an important and meaningful series of sermons as we begin a new year.
A new year offers us a fresh new beginning. Here are just a few suggestions that I think are important:
  • Make Sunday worship a priority for you at Madison Street. Make the commitment that you will be here—not sporadically, but each week. What we experience in worship makes a difference.
  • Get involved in Bible Study. Make our THRIVE Wednesday Supper and Bible Study a part of your spiritual growth. Our next semester begins January 16. Come and join us. 
  • Take advantage of opportunities to serve in 2013.
  • Get involved in one of our wonderful Sunday School classes which provide opportunities of learning and growing in fellowship. 
  • With God’s help mend a broken relationship.
  • Read a worthwhile book. 
  • Listen to a friend who’s hurting.
It’s a new year. What will we do with it—rinse and repeat or find a way to grow?
In Christ,