Madison Street United Methodist Church

319 Madison Street, Clarksville, Tennessee

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“One nation under God….” That’s a part of what we will celebrate this Thursday, July 4th. We will celebrate and gift thanks for being “one nation under God.” But what does it mean to be a nation under God?
Well, being a nation under God means a lot of things but I think it begins with being a nation that trusts God, a nation that doesn’t forget that God has been with us, and that God has brought us where we are, and a part of our job is to make sure and remember that we follow God and nothing else. When God is really our God, and when God is the focus of our life, that’s when we are a nation under God.
And that means that we put our complete trust in God and God alone—“In God We Trust.” Is that where our trust is today? Do we put our complete trust in God? Because here’s the deal—when we put our complete trust in God we find out what God wants and then we do all that we are able to do to bring about what God wants.
Furthermore, putting our complete trust in God means letting go so that God really does rule our life which then enables us to do what God wants. That means letting go of whatever else has become our God. We let go of whatever else has started to rule our life so that God can be our ruler.
So the question for us is simply this: What is it in our life that we need to turn loose of so that we are, indeed, a nation under God and individuals under God? What must we let go so that God really is the One we trust?
Here’s the deal. God can’t be our God without first our letting go. It’s when we let go that we are able to find our way back to God.
Have a great 4th!
In Christ,
Cliff C. Wright, Jr.