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Congregational Care

Caring Ministers

Caring Ministers are individuals who are trained for various visitation tasks. Folks who desire only to visit are assigned to a homebound member or friend of Madison Street Church and visit that person at least once a month. Other Caring Ministers desire to be trained to share the Sacrament of Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month.  As Caring Ministers visit, they are mindful about needs that person might have encountered related to changes in health, home repair, and transportation, and relate these to pastoral staff.

Email Rev. Laurie Hynson to help

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Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual guidance and direction is available through the pastors of Madison Street United Methodist Church. Our pastors are available upon your request for prayer and conversation regarding any matter you may be facing. They can be reached by contacting them at the church office at 647-0221.

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Prayer Chain

A dedicated group of women at Madison Street give themselves in prayer each day for the hopes and hurts of our congregation and community. If you have a confidential prayer request, be in touch with Rev. Laurie Hynson at 931-802-0804.

Please remember that a call to the prayer chain is a confidential call and is not shared with the church office or pastors. If you would like for the pastors to be made aware of your prayer concern(s) be in touch with the church office at 647-0221.

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Caring For Military Families

Madison Street United Methodist Church has a long history of reaching out in caring ways to the unique needs of the those in the military community, especially during times of deployment and re-entry. Our desire is to support military personnel and their families in a variety of ways.  We pray, send letters of encouragement and packages to those who are deployed, and encouraging notes to the family who remains at home, when we are made aware of a person’s deployment.

Email Rev. Laurie Hynson for more information

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Pastoral Hospital Visitation

Hospital visitation is conducted by our pastors each week. If you or someone you know who is member or friend of Madison Street are hospitalized, please forward that information to the pastors at the church office so that appropriate pastoral responses can be made.

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Pastoral Contact Request

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